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External Wall Systems

Guidance for Lessees…….. Following the Grenfell tragedy on 14th June 2017, the safety of residents particularly within high rise buildings (of 18m in height or 6 storeys high) has been a key focus for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and

Coronavirus impact on home owners ability to pay mortgages

Due to the potential impact on household income as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has announced that homeowners with mortgages can seek financial ‘assistance’ from their Banks and Mortgage companies.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Self Isolation matters for Apartment Occupiers

The management of the Coronavirus situation in England and Wales is clearly a Government matter however Chamonix Estates feels that it is important

How to pay your service charge

Upon receipt of a service charge or ground rent demand, you can settle it in the following ways as per the individual terms of your contract (which is usually to settle the demanded amount in one payment). Secure online card

About us

About us

Chamonix Estates have been providing estate, open space and apartment management and caretaker services throughout England and Wales since 2006. Each location is cared for by a local team who visit regularly and who are supported by a team of...

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What our clients have to say

"I wanted to drop you a note to express how pleased I am with the work that Chamonix have done since taking over. I have owned my flat from new and can honestly say that you have far exceeded anything that X ever did in the short time you have managed the estate. To have the gates (mostly) working when they hardly ever worked under X. Also, the decoration work in Block D is well underway and looking good already. X promised this for years but never delivered. And all this for a maintenance fee below what we paid X last year."

M. C. Kent

In four years with not one movement on the ground with the previous agents, it has been a breath of fresh air to have an excellent relationship with Chamonix.

C.C. Exeter