The UK has received severe stormĀ  damage in many areas as a result of Storm Ciara as it passed over our shores.

Chamonix Estates received many reports of storm damage to property in the areas that we manage. Our out of hours and property teams have been working around the clock to appoint emergency contractors to make property safe and then to arrange repairs to the damage when the conditions are safe.

Whilst these sort of storm conditions prevail, emergency contractors are often unable to access roof’s and carry out repairs due to the dangerous conditions and risk to themselves. Where serious damage presented a clear and immediate risk to homeowners or visitors, customers were advised to call the Fire & Rescue services if appropriate.

If you are one of our customers and have been affected by storm damage, then please report your issue via our online property issue management system, attaching photos of the damager wherever possible and it is safe to do so. Our team will respond and keep you updated on repairs.

Should you need to make an insurance claims for damage to communal property or your own home within an apartment building and you do not have your building’s insurers details, then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Enquiry Team on 0330 380 0595 and where Chamonix Estates hold a copy of the relevant insurance, they will pass on the Insurers contact details to allow you to report a claim or deal with the claim if it affects the communal or open space areas.

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9th February 2020

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