With the impact of Coronavirus impacting many organisations, Chamonix Estates has put in place its business continuity plans to ensure that we are able to continue looking after our customer and their homes, communal areas and public open spaces.

Our mobile and resident caretaking colleagues are focussed on keeping communal areas safe. All our other teams are continuing to provide the necessary support and services around the clock to ensure the safe management of the homes and communal spaces entrusted to us.

We are in regular contact with the specialist contractors such as fresh water pump and lift engineers to ensure that they continue to have robust plans in place for resource to be available for emergency repairs should they arise, although there may be some delays in responding due to the impact of the pandemic on their businesses and engineers. In the event that any emergency contractor is severely affected by the Coronavirus we are identifying alternative contractors that may be able to respond where this is possible.

To ensure that we are able to continue to deliver management and maintenance services throughout this challenging period, we have made sure that where appropriate colleagues are able to work remotely and safely (and many are already) and that all team members carry out their duties in such a way to minimise their personal risk of catching or transmitting this virus amongst themselves or our customers.

Important but not urgent repairs and maintenance.

Our priority at this time is to focus on ensuring that the available contractors are carrying out and available for emergency and repairs that may impact on the health and safety of our customers. As a result general maintenance repairs and redecorations planned may be temporarily delayed during this unusual time.

Please continue to use our online  Property Issue Management System to report issues or problems wherever possible. In the event of a critical issue such as water supply or lift failures and matters that could affect health and safety, please also phone us 24/7. Please be aware that our phone lines are monitored outside of usual office hours to ensure we can act promptly on emergency matters and instruct emergency engineers where appropriate.

Updated: 23 March 2020