The management of the Coronavirus situation in England and Wales is clearly a Government matter however Chamonix Estates feels that it is important to consider the impact on our colleagues and customers living in apartments and properties with enclosed communal areas.

We have put in place a number of measures to limit the risk of communicating this virus amongst our colleagues and onwards to our customers.

Chamonix Estates has also drawn up a plan to help address the concerns of those living in homes under our care, especially as people may be self isolating at home following exposure to or at risk of developing the Coronavirus condition.

Firstly and foremost we advise all our customers to follow the latest official advice from Public Health England and the NHS.

If a member of your household is in self isolation or recommended to be in self isolation as a result of the government guidance then please notify Chamonix Estates as soon as possible via phone, email or our property Issue management system.

If you live in an apartment building it may be the case that we are advised by the appropriate authorities such as Public Health England to inform other residents in order that they are aware and can take appropriate precautions.

In the event that you or a household member are in self isolation, please be aware that it is very important that emergency contractors or other non-family members are not invited into your home for the entire duration of your period of self isolation.

In the event of self isolation occurring, Chamonix Estates recommend that where possible that homeowners arrange for home shopping deliveries but please make sure that the home delivery service is aware that you are self isolating prior to delivery.

If having your shopping delivered is not an option, by letting Chamonix Estates know we may be able to initiate arrangements with your neighbours or local authority to deliver essential items.

At this time, there are no published plans/requirements for any residents to leave an apartment building where neighbours are self isolating, however Chamonix Estates will seek guidance from Public Health England or an appropriate government body on this matter including seeking recommendations for enhancing the cleaning regime within communal areas or initiating a deep clean by specialist contractors.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter of national importance for the health of us all.

Updated: 23rd March 2020