Upon receipt of a service charge or ground rent demand, you can settle it in the following ways as per the individual terms of your contract (which is usually to settle the demanded amount in one payment).

  • Secure online card payment gateway
  • Card payment over the phone
  • By personal cheque
  • Direct Debit

Secure online card payment gateway 

To make a secure online payment please click on ‘Pay your service charge‘ on the navigation menu above, to go to our secure online payment gateway. Please be aware that your card details are not stored in our online systems but are entered into the secure Sage Pay system which meets all the current online processing standards for making safe online card payments.

Card payment over the phone

Please phone 0330 380 0595 and choose option 1 with your Tenant/Personal reference to hand from your demand and with the debit or credit card you wish to use, during our normal office hours.

By personal cheque

When paying by personal cheque, please write your tenant/system reference, your name and the number and postcode of the property that the payment applies to. Please be aware that if the cheque is presented to the bank and it is returned as unpaid, the bank raises charges which will be added to your outstanding balance.

Paying your estimated service charge with Direct Debit

Setting up an annual Direct Debit (DD) to settle your demand in one payment is easy, call us on 0330 380 0595 and choose option 1.

It may be possible for you to settle your service charge demand if it is over £150 in monthly instalments via Direct Debit to assist you with your personal monthly budgeting. There is an instalment facility charge of £24.00 per service charge year for arranging a pre-agreed instalment plan which will be added to your account. Read more about DD here.