We are currently receiving reports of storm damage to buildings and fences following Storms Ciara and David. We are responding to each call.

Please be aware that emergency response contractors are being notified but they are not always able to attend whilst these sorts of conditions are occurring due to the dangerous weather or due to dealing with other higher priority issues.

In the event of dangerous buildings or an immediate threat to life or risk of injury, please call 999 and advise the Fire & Rescue service.

Please be aware that we have previously been advised by the Fire & Rescue services that they will not always attend due to the risks to their personnel during storm conditions or as a result of dealing with higher priority emergency events.

If you need to leave an unsafe property due to the conditions, please switch off your water supply and electricity to minimise any further risks for emergency personnel that may attend the property.

Please be aware that outside of our normal office hours our emergency response contact team will be following up with emergency contractors.

Reporting damage to Property – When it is safe to do so, please take photographs of any storm damage and report them via our online reporting system, attaching the pictures to your report.

15th February 2020