Chamonix Estates aims to ensure the satisfactory delivery of the services and obligations that are set out in your lease or Freehold Transfer Deed.

Despite this, sometimes things do go wrong and Customers may feel that we’ve not managed or delivered on the services we’re contracted to manage or deliver for your property or estate. If you are unhappy with our performance, then please let us know in writing and we’ll investigate and do our best to remedy the situation within the terms of the contracted service. There are occasions where Customers complain about matters that are not within our remit to change or influence such as their legal obligations to contribute to the upkeep of their building or estates, or want us to ‘police’ their neighbours and visitors behaviours in a way that we are legally unable to do. In those situations, we will advise you of the limits of our responsibility and may suggest (where appropriate) the bodies/organisations that may be able to assist you with such complaints. Where you have a complaint about our customer service performance, our complaints process is a follows:

Stage 1 Please write to your Customer Account Manager detailing the background and facts to your complaint. They will aim to acknowledge receipt of your communication (letter or email) no later than 3 working days after it is received. They will investigate your complaint and endeavour to resolve your issue or identify a potential solution where appropriate within 10 working days of it’s receipt. Should they need longer to investigate the issue, they will advise you of this and when they expect to be able to provide a response.

Should you not be happy with the response/proposed resolution  (where is it not related to the legal obligations upon you) please email or write to their Team Manager (whose contact details will be advised to your in their response) with the details about why you are unhappy with their response to your issue and what your expectations are in relation to this matter.

Stage 2 Upon receipt of your communication, their Team Manager (or another Manager if their Manager is away from the office) will review your complaint, investigate it further where appropriate/contact you with a view to resolving this to your satisfaction or where appropriate identify a potential solution – within 20 working days of it’s receipt. Should they need longer to investigate the issue, they will advise you of this and when they expect to be able to provide a response.

What to do if you are still unhappy with the outcome of your complaint (where it is not in relation to the legal obligations upon you and therefore not within Chamonix Estates ability to vary the terms of your leave/transfer deed),

Stage 3 Please send your communication for the attention of the Chamonix Estates Directors. They will instruct a Senior Manager to investigate your complaint upon their behalf and report back to them. They will then consider the matter and provide you with a written confirmation of whether they uphold your complaint or feel that the organisation has done everything within it’s power to resolve the issue.

They will endeavour to complete this review and response no later than 20 workings after the receipt of your escalated complaint. If the Directors have not upheld your complaint and as a result you are still unhappy, then there is one final stage in the Complaint procedure.

Stage 4 An independent review of the complaint by the Property Redress Service – If all the previous stages have been followed by the Customer and you are still not happy with the outcome/resolution proposed by the Directors (where it is not related to the legal obligations upon the Customer), then the Customer has the right to refer the issue for the consideration of the official independent alternative dispute resolution service that Chamonix Estates is legally obliged to be a subscriber to.

Chamonix Estates Limited is a member of the Property Redress Scheme – This is a government approved and independent alternative dispute resolution service which, if you have followed the above process (and it is not a legal matter related to your individual lease or transfer deed obligations) and you still have an unresolved complaint about Chamonix Estates customer service, the PRS will independently review your issue and make a final determination in relation to upholding or declining your complaint about Chamonix Estates customer service.

How to raise a complaint with the Property Redress Scheme, it will be necessary to download a copy of their paperwork from their website and complete and return it to them with the details of your complaint and enclosing the correspondence from Stages 1 to 3 above and outlining the resolution that you are seeking.

If you have followed the Chamonix Estates Complaints process outlined above, the PRS will then independently investigate your complaint and advise you of their final decision in relation to the matter. If you have not, then the PRS will decline to investigate your complaint and their decision will be legally binding on both parties.

The Property Redress Scheme advises would be complainants that they cannot deal with complaints where the Complainant has not followed Stages 1 – 3 above, where Court action is in place between the parties or a Court has already decided the matter.

The PRS also advises the Complainant to pay any service charges, ground rent, etc  and not withhold any payments due that are legally and contractually due. If a Court, Tribunal or alternative dispute resolution services/process awards a refund, then that will  returned after that decision.