You may be able to spread your service charges into regular payments with Direct Debit instalment plans, subject to approval and an instalment facility fee.

As well as providing a convenient way to set up payments on your estate and service charge account, if your service charge £150 or more per service charge period, then you can apply to settle your service charge in instalments. The instalment facility charge is £24 per year (including VAT) and applies only to pre-approved instalment plans using the DD facility which are set up to clear any service charges within the specific service charge accounting period.

To apply for an instalment plan, call 0330 380 0595 and select the options to reach our Direct Debit team or download the Direct Debit application form below, then complete and return it to Chamonix Estates Direct Debit Team at our usual address below.

Click here to download the Direct Debit (DD) form