More balcony fires are a reminder to us all of the dangers of smoking, using BBQ’s on balconies and storing items on them.

With another spate of balcony fires hitting the headlines resulting in people losing their homes and prized possessions, home owners and tenants cannot be complacent about the fire risks associated with balconies.

Chamonix Estates has always issued guidance to residents about the safe use of balconies, from warning residents of the dangers of overloading them with guests, to storing items on them and not using BBQ’s, Gas and Electric outdoor heaters on them.

Resident owners and Tenants have a responsibility to ensure that their balconies are safe places and report any signs of damage immediately to their management company, lettings agency or their managing agent so that they can be investigated/repaired promptly.

Please make sure that if you are an apartment owner, tenant or guest please make yourself familiar with the all the exits from an apartment block and any fire plan in force. Following regular  fire safety reviews, they may have changed as new risks are considered.

At any sign of smoke or fire originating from a balcony or anywhere in an apartment building, move to a safe place and immediately phone 999 and report this to the Fire and Rescue service, giving them details of exactly where the smoke or flames are.

Residents in apartment buildings managed by Chamonix Estates can report concerns with their own or their neighbours balconies via our online  Property Issues Management System (PIMS) or by phone on 0330 380 0595 and they will be followed up and where appropriate acted on promptly. Should a neighbour be seen using a BBQ on a balcony at anytime, please contact us by phone immediately to report this important matter and we will investigate.

As part of our building safety review Chamonix Estates has conducted regular annual visual inspections from the ground of balconies. Following a review of the impact of the balcony fires, we have introduced new balcony inspections so that our team members look for balcony fire risks when they visit apartment blocks with balconies visible from the ground. They are now regularly reporting items left on balconies and our property teams are following them up with apartment owners and reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

Please be aware that smoke and fire alarms systems within apartment buildings are inspected and maintained on a regular basis – however, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0330 380 0595 or via our PIMs online reporting system with any concerns that you may have about smoke and fire safety in your apartment building.

Please test the smoke alarms within your apartment weekly and please make sure that any issues with them are dealt with by an appropriate and qualified individual e.g. qualified electrician without any delay. They are not expensive items to replace if they are faulty or over 10 years old and every apartment owner has a duty to maintain them under the terms of the lease where they are fitted.

Last updated: 22 September 2019